Monroe Sports Center & Central Jersey Basketball are proud to host the Central Jersey Hawks Elite Basketball Organization. Since being founded in 1990, the CJ Hawks have won 3 National Championships, made 5 National Division 1 Final Fours, won 57 NJ State Championships and have hundreds of former players who have gone on to play NCAA basketball. The CJ Hawks are the most competitive basketball teams at Central Jersey Basketball. There are multiple CJ Hawks teams at each age group, tiered by level.  

Spring/Summer 2021

at Central Jersey Basketball

165 Amboy Road, Morganville, NJ 07751

The Spring/Summer season will resume with practices the week of . NEW PLAYERS MAY STILL TRY OUT FOR CJ HAWKS TEAMS AT THEIR AGE GROUP AT EITHER MSC OR CJB.  All players that were selected to a CJ Hawks team in March will remain on that team. Any player that had already paid the CJH team fee but does not want to play this season will receive a full credit that can be used towards the FallWinter season or anything else at MSC/CJB. The full practice schedules and tournament weekends will be posted shortly and will be emailed directly to each team. The first couple weeks of the game schedule will be posted by and the full league schedule will be posted by mid-late July. Full payment for this season is required by the 2nd practice after the shutdown, which is marked on each team's website. CJ Hawks packages and payments amounts have been updated based on the number of weeks remaining. Season details and new payment amounts can be found below and on each team's website.  

CJ Hawks Improvements for Spring/Summer 2021 Season

  • All CJ Hawks Select and CJ Hawks Blue teams will have a MAXIMUM OF 10 PLAYERS PER TEAM.
  • All CJ Hawks players at ALL LEVELS will be invited to participate in an exclusive Player Development Program at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Central Jersey Hawks General Information:

  • Try-outs are held twice a year: September & February/March
  • Tryouts in September are for teams that will play from September-March (Fall/Winter Season)
  • Tryouts in February are for teams that will play from March-August (Spring/Summer Season)
  • Players selected at the tryouts in September will automatically have an option to continue on a CJ Hawks team in the Spring/Summer (players may be moved up or down, based on performance in the Fall/Winter)
  • All CJ Hawks teams will be coached by members of the MSC Coaching Staff - no parent coaches 
  • All CJ Hawks teams will have their own website with their team roster, schedule, online payment option and other team notes
  • Parents will be asked to volunteer to do either the clock or the scorebook at MJBL games throughout the season
  • All players will be invited back to a 1st practice/2nd tryout for a team at their age group.
  • Any player not selected for any of the CJ Hawks teams at their age group will be guaranteed a spot on an NJ Falcons Developmental Basketball team at their age group.
  • Playing time for CJ Hawks players is not guaranteed. There is no minimum or maximum playing time requirement for any CJ Hawks team at any level at any age group. That being said, our coaches will do their best to get all players as much meaningful game experience as possible
  • We do not accept scheduling, teammate or coach requests for CJ Hawks teams. We pick the teams purely based on skill level and specific team needs, without any consideration for special requests. This is to ensure the integrity of the levels of the teams. However, a player may choose to move down a level to accommodate a scheduling conflict, teammate request or coach preference, assuming there is room on the team the player is looking to switch to. Players will not be moved up to accommodate any requests. 
  • Spectators may have to pay admission fees at outside tournaments. Certain tournaments that are held at MSC and CJB will be run by outside organizations who charge admission fees. MSC has no control over this. Admission fees are NOT included in the team fee
CJ Hawks General Spring/Summer Season Information:
  • The Spring portion of the practice schedule and the Spring tournament schedule will be posted before the 2nd practice (which is when the first payment is due). The first couple of games of the Spring league will be posted in mid-March. The full Spring game schedule will be posted by late March/early April. The Summer portion of the practice schedule will be posted in May. The first couple of games of the Summer league will be posted by early June and the full Summer league schedule will be posted by late June.
  • Highest level CJ Hawks team at each age group are expected to compete at the highest level, both in the MJBL and in tournaments
  • Lower level CJ Hawks teams at each age group will play league games and tournaments at their level

Teams will be tiered based on skill level. The top 8-12 players will be selected for the CJ Hawsks Gold and the next 8-12 players at each age group will make the CJ Hawks Silver. 

Summer 2020: Central Jersey Hawks Gold:

  • Approximately 15 hours of practice, consisting of 1-2 practices per week throughout the entire season. Practices will be 1 hour long on a full court.
  • Approximately 15 games throughout the season (Summer MJBL games and tournament games)
  • 2-3 upper level tournaments, including some tournaments at MSC and some tournaments outside MSC.  Player travel expenses are NOT included in the team fee.
  • CONTINUED THIS SUMMER: Maximum 10 players per team on all CJ Hawks Blue teams
  • CONTINUED THIS SUMMER: All CJ Hawks players are invited to participate in the NEW & EXCLUSIVE Player Development Program at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGEClick here for details.

Central Jersey Hawks Silver:

  • Approximately 12 hours of practice, consisting of 1 practice per week all season.
  • Approximately 12 games throughout the season (Summer MJBL games and tournament games)
  • 1-2 tournaments at the appropriate level over the course of the season
  • CONTINUED THIS SUMMER: All CJ Hawks Select players are invited to participate in the NEW & EXCLUSIVE Player Development Program at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGEClick here for details.

Central Jersey Hawks Summer 2020 Pricing:


CJ Hawks Gold

CJ Hawks Silver


$400 per player $325 per player

***Price does not include uniform.  CJ Hawks uniforms are $75 for reversible jersey and shorts.  Players that already have a CJ Hawks uniform do not have to purchase a new one.

Central Jersey Hawks Spring/Summer 2020 Coaches (Based out of CJB):

Age Group CJH Gold CJH Silver
2-3rd Grade Connor Doherty  
4th Grade Ky Meredith  
5th Grade Ky Meredith  
6th Grade Kahlil Bennett  
7th Grade Carlton Fields  
8th Grade Carlton Fields  
9th Grade Charlie Roberts  
10-11th Grade Charlie Roberts  

***Coaching assignments are subject to change.

MSC has a NO REFUND/CREDIT POLICY. MSC is not responsible for providing makeups or issuing refunds or credits for teams, leagues, games, practices, camps, clinics, etc. missed as a result of an type of injury, illness, scheduling conflict, emergency, lack of playing time or any other event out of the control of MSC. If MSC cancels a program or is unable to place you on a team, you will receive a refund. This policy is to ensure fairness for all customers. Each program and team is specifically designed for a certain number of players. By registering and paying for the team, you are locking in your spot. Once the team fills, other players will be turned away. Each team has a budget that is used to pay for the team's expenses (tournaments, leagues, coaches, gym time, etc.). Providing refunds/credits would cause a shortfall in the team budget. 


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