Central Jersey Basketball Team Options

CJB offers several different team options to suit the needs of basketball players of all ages and abilities. 

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Monroe Sports Center & Central Jersey Basketball are proud to host the Central Jersey Hawks Elite Basketball Organization. Since being founded in 1990, the CJ Hawks have won 3 National Championships, made 5 National Division 1 Final Fours, won 57 NJ State Championships and have hundreds of former players who have gone on to play NCAA basketball. The CJ Hawks are the most competitive basketball teams at Central Jersey Basketball. There are multiple CJ Hawks teams at each age group, tiered by level.  


Central Jersey Basketball is the proud founder of the New Jersey Falcons. The NJ Falcons is a developmental basketball program. NJ Falcons teams will be coached by experienced basketball coaches (not parents). Once a player is selected to a NJ Falcons team, that player can continue to renew their spot on the team each season.  It is our goal to keep teams together for years so they can grow and improve as a team. The CJB coaches will attempt to evenly distribute the talent across all teams within each age group, but due to the fact that certain teams will have more returning players, not all teams in each age group are guaranteed to be at the same level.

  CJ Hawks Gold CJ Hawks Silver NJ Falcons
Team Fee per season           (1 payment) $800 per player $675 per player $295 per player
Team Fee per season
(payment plan)
$500 + $325 payments $400 + $300 payments no payment plan
Uniform Fee $75 $75 $295 Initial cost includes $50 uniform fee
Grades 2-11 2-11 3-12
Commitment High Level High Level Moderate
Coaches CJB Elite Coaches (no parents) CJB Elite Coaches (no parents) CJB Elite Coaches (no parents)
Competition Upper Level Competitve & Developmental Competitive & Developmental
Scheduling & Teammate Requests Accepted No No Yes
Seasons 1. Fall-Winter(Sep-Mar)
2. Spring-Summer (Feb-Aug)
1. Fall-Winter (Sep-Mar)
2. Spring-Summer (Feb-Aug)
1. Fall (Sep-Nov)
2. Winter (Dec-Mar)
3. Spring (Mar-Jun)
4. Summer (Jun-Aug)
Practices ~35 hours  ~25 hours  ~8 hours 
Games ~30 games ~25 games ~10 games
Tournaments 4-5 upper level tournaments  3-4 appropriate level tournaments  1 tournament 
Travel Yes with possible overnight stay Local tournaments only Local tournaments only
Tournament Admission Fees Yes at certain tournaments Yes at certain tournaments No 
Playing Time No minimum minutes guaranteed No minimum minutes guaranteed No minimum minutes guaranteed but coaches do their best to get equal time
Tryouts & Registration $20 in advance, $35 at door. Former CJ Hawks player's tryout fees are waived  $20 in advance, $35 at door. Former CJ Hawks player's tryout fees are waived  $20 in advance, $35 at door. Previous players do not need to attend evaluation day 
Team Selections Next best 8-12 players 

Next best 8-12 players on Silver.  

No players get cut!


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