Central Jersey Basketball is the proud founder of the New Jersey Falcons. The NJ Falcons is a developmental basketball program. NJ Falcons teams will be coached by experienced basketball coaches (not parents). Once a player is selected to a NJ Falcons team, that player can continue to renew their spot on the team each season.  It is our goal to keep teams together for years so they can grow and improve as a team. The CJB coaches will attempt to evenly distribute the talent across all teams within each age group, but due to the fact that certain teams will have more returning players, not all teams in each age group are guaranteed to be at the same level. 

Youth Basketball Players of ALL Levels are Invited to Play!

Summer 2024 Season

Evaluation Night:  Friday June 28th 6-7:30pm

NJ Falcons practices will begin the week of July 1 and league games will begin soon after.


**Current & Previous NJ Falcons players do NOT need to attend evaluations and can click here to renew their spots for the Summer 2024 Season. New players can also visit this link to register online.

The CJB coaching staff will place every player at the Evaluation onto an NJ Falcons team!

NJ Falcons General Information:

  • Evaluations are held four times a year: September, November, March, June
  • Evaluations in September are for teams that will play from September-November (Fall Season)
  • Evaluations in November are for teams that will play from November-March (Winter Season)
  • Evaluations in March are for teams that will play from March-June (Spring Season)
  • Evaluations  in June are for teams that will play from June-August (Summer Season)
  • In order to accept your selection at Evaluation Day, you must register and pay in full before you leave
  • We do accept scheduling and teammate requests - however it is not 100% guaranteed that all requests be met
  • NJ Falcons teams will practice approximately the same day and time each week
  • MJBL games can be scheduled anytime the players are not in school

NJ Falcons Season Details:

  • 8 games in MJBL (plus playoffs if qualify)
  • 8 practices (approximately once a week)
  • 1 Tournament
  • NJ Falcons Uniform (Reversible jersey and shorts)
  • CJB Coach - NO parent coaches

NJ Falcons Pricing:

Team Fee: $335 per player includes full uniform, $275 for returning players  

The $275 is if a player does not need a new uniform. If a player needs a pair of shorts, the fee is $30. If a player needs a reversible jersey, the fee is $30. If a player needs both items, the fee is $60. Players are NOT allowed to exchange their old, used uniform for a new one. 

Evaluation Fee: $25 in advance, $35 at the door

The Evaluation Fee is NOT applied towards the NJ Falcons Team Fee


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